Marvel: Japanese Spider-Man - Previews Exclusive Funko Soda Figure

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Marvel Japanese Spider-Man Vinyl Soda - Previews Exclusive:

Grab a soda - a Vinyl Soda - with Spider-Man! In the 1978 tokusatsu live-action television series, young motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro picked up the mantle of Spider-Man, and now he's here to add a uniquely Japanese spin to your Spider-Man collection as a Previews Exclusive Vinyl Soda. This 4 1/4-inch tall Marvel Japanese Spider-Man Vinyl Soda - Previews Exclusive features Spidey from Earth-51778 in his Spider-Protector costume, complete with Spider-Bracelet. He comes packaged with a collectible disc in a retro-style soda can! Order yours now, and summon your Spider-Sense to hunt the glow-in-the-dark chase version. But you'll have to open the can to find out which flavor you get!