Robo Force | Wave 1 - Wrecker "Very Important Toys" by The Nacelle Company

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It was the dusk of the 89th era of VvanderLoc’s family rule of Planet Vvram, and all across the world one word was on the top of everyone’s mind; crime.  Designed by one of the oldest and most respected engineering firms, ROBO FORCE was created, from scratch, to replace the aging CHU series of R-RAN “Crime Stoppers”. From their auto-hold suction feet to their cutting-edge prioritization and empathy system code, ROBO FORCE was announced at a gigantic press conference on the first Tuesday of the new year. 

For 48 hours Maxx 89, ROBO FORCE’s ultimate leader, was the talk of every Vvram citizen, near and far.  Then came Thursday.  On that dark day a rival engineering firm announced their newest R-RAN CS product; the UTOPIA101 line.  Faster, smarter, stronger, and cooler than Maxx and his team, ROBO FORCE was instantly relegated to desk duty and traffic jobs (if not worse).  Denied respect and opportunity, ROBO FORCE was challenged from day one – actually day 3 –  to climb out of the garbage bin of history to get back to where they were supposed to be; respected and saluted.  

Reignite your love for these robotic heroes as Maxx 89 and Wrecker rise up to reclaim their place as protectors of a society that needs them more than ever. Returning as part of the Very Important Toy line from The Nacelle Company, these 7.5 inch tall, fully articulated, deluxe action figures are packaged in their own collector-friendly, Graphine - inspired window-boxes and are sure to turn your childhood memories of Robo Force into all-new, out of this world adventures!

Wrecker was built to be the jack-of-all-trades for the Robo Force unit; he has a tool for every occasion. Sadly, due to the rise of the UTOPIA101 unit, those occasions never occurred. Reassigned to use his staggering strength and empathy chip to do the most mundane jobs in the basement of Police Rhombus HQ, Wrecker eventually teams up with Maxx Steele to help protect the innocent, and keep an eye on the increasingly erratic Utopia Force (as well as Hun-Dred and his minions) 

Wrecker returns as part of the VERY Important Toy line from The Nacelle Company! This VERY Important Toy is a deluxe, articulated, 7.5” tall action figure, packaged in its own Graphene-inspired collector-friendly window box.

VERY Important Details

  • 7.5-inch tall (19.05 cm)
  • Detailed figure
  • Fully articulated

VERY Important Box Contents

  • WRECKER figure
  • Flower bouquet